France to Canada

This Canadian site is valuable because it is very approachable and it covers a general This very readable Canadian site gives a short account of the county's geography, history, sports, arts, work, family and health. It is socially orientated rather than health focussed, as it is designed to initiate communication and integration between habitual Canadian residents and newly arrived immigrants.  It will therefore not explain aspects of culture to a depth that some health care providers would need. However, it does offer avenues and ideas that could be used to open up a productive communication process between health care providers and clients that would lead to relevant information being exchanged.  ۞ ۞  ۞

France - BBC

This BBC site will give you a brief overview of the current political situation in each country. This may help you to know what political situation your client may have left behind and what their relations are currently living with. It also gives a brief overview of statistics - population, religions, languages, life expectancy and exports. ۞

France - CIA

This site gives you basic facts and a map of each country. It gives basic demographic details that include religion, ethnicities, health risks, mortality rates etc. which may be useful, especially if comparative material is required. A short synopsis of the political situation in the country is included. ۞

France - UNICEF

This reliable UNICEF site gives statistics that could prove moderately useful for health care providers. Its greatest value may be in providing a statistical comparison to other countries. ۞

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