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Uganda - UNICEF

This reliable UNICEF site gives background information and health related statistics that could prove especially useful for health care providers who need to determine the health and social history of their clients. Some cultural information can also be deduced relatively easily from the statistical detail. There is an emphasis on children's and women's health due to UNICEF's focus on children. ۞ ۞

Uganda - Development Corporation Ireland

This is an Irish Dept of Affairs site that concentrates mainly on the aid it has given to the country. It gives the briefest overview of the country eg, population, HDI, infant mortality, HIV prevalence etc. There are links from the site that may prove useful for more in depth study on the country but in itself, and specifically on health issues, it has limited value. ۞ ۞

Uganda - BBC

This BBC site will give you a brief overview of the current political situation in each country. This may help you to know what political situation your client may have left behind and what their relations are currently living with. It also gives a brief overview of statistics - population, religions, languages, life expectancy and exports. ۞

Uganda - Library of Congress 1991

This site from the US Library of Congress presents an extensive volume on the country, but it is no longer up to date especially where statistical data is sought. However, it is easy to find sections on health and social topics which are very comprehensive. It gives the major diseases that affect the people and it outlines the classical medical services that are available. Although the volume is easy to navigate the writing is not very approachable. It is heavy on fact but gives no information on traditional medicine and cultural issues that could affect access to health. Use as a last resort and be aware that major changes will have taken place in the last fifteen years. ۞

Uganda - CIA

This site gives you basic facts and a map of each country. It gives basic demographic details that include religion, ethnicities, health risks, mortality rates etc. which may be useful, especially if comparative material is required. A short synopsis of the political situation in the country is included. ۞

Uganda - Wikipedia

This site gives an up to date encyclopaedic account of each country. It covers the history, politics, demographics, economy, languages, regional aspects and culture but it gives virtually no information on health, health seeking practices, or traditional beliefs. ۞

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